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If you own a computer with the Windows OS, you have a registry that requires a cleaner. All of your setting and preferences are stores in the registry which basically acts as a large database for that info. Any changes made to your system, such as installing a program or removing something, new data is added to the registry. As such, the data stored can quickly start to add up and become more than a little untidy. This leads to performance issues with your PC unless that information is organized with a registry cleaner.

Fix Slow PC With:

  • Cleans system errors such as clean ActiveX, , remove entries, file path, shell extensions, etc…

  • Scans and cleans malware.

  • Improves Windows system performance.

  • Restores your privacy by wiping away passwords and other personal and financial information.

Download size only- 4.5MB

Easy Remove from the control panel / Software

Focused on performance and protection

Most computer users find that their systems start to slow down and perform less effectively due to errors in the Windows registry.

These errors cause the system to lag in response time, whilst also increasing the processor load. The result is longer load times and a spate of error messages, which also means your computer is not performing as well as it should be. The problems tend to worsen since most PC users don’t actually take the step to fix the registry issues. One way to improve performance and get the most out of your PC is to use Registry Cleaner.



The Registry Cleaner that we have on offer is absolutely perfect for the average PC user that want’s their system to operate at full capacity. The easy interface makes that possible.

Imagine your registry as a neatly organized desk in your office, and then imagine what it would look like if someone walked in and messed the entire space up.

Any changes made to your system, such as saving or uninstalling a program, as well as a host of others, can lead to the creation of registry errors. These are usually in the form of unneeded data, which leads to a disorganized mess in the registry. Something as simple as updating an existing program can lead to duplicate entries in the registry, as well as older items that are no longer needed being left behind. Registry Cleaner goes in and takes care of all those issues quickly and effectively.

Software Features:

Fast and Safe

The new advanced algorithm that had been included in Registry Cleaner means that is can now scan the entire Windows registry in mere seconds. All former operations can be undone since Registry Cleaner creates a backup for you.

Registry Cleaner

All redundant, temporary and unnecessary registry items are removed from your Windows system.

System Tune-up

Gives a virtual tune-up to your system so that it can perform faster and more effectively, although you should read the instructions before deciding which areas you wish to optimize.

Registry Defrag

It will tidy up your system by reducing fragmentation. It’s worth noting that your system may lose current information during the analysis, reboot and defrag process.